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This class "A" park is known internationally as the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, as established in 1994. It is is the only one of its kind in Canada. In the language of the Tsimshian First Nations it means "sheltered place of fish and bears." contains and protects one of the largest populations of grizzly bears in a pristine natural environment where the entire ecosystem that is needed for these amazing creatures to thrive has been protected from modern day intrusions. There is no commercial logging, fishing, hunting or mining allowed in the sanctuary. There are no roads here friends, a small boat or Kayak is the best and only way to view these bears. The landscapes that will be presented to you are diverse. It is also a marine sanctuary with rugged peaks towering to 2100 metres above a valley of old growth temperate rainforests and a large river estuary. An abundance of wildlife shares the area. Coast Tsimshian First Nations depend upon this area, as they have for thousands of years.


The "Khutzeymateen"

It is the source of their social, economic and cultural prosperity.

Coast Tsimshian continue to conduct traditional activities in the

K’tzim-a-deen and provide public education to explain their

relationship to the area. 


The Khutzameyteen offers incredible opportunities to view grizzly

 bears in their natural habitat.The K'tzim-a-deen protected areas play

 an important role in British Columbia’s protected areas system.

 The park is collaboratively managed by BC Parks, the Coast

 Tsimshian First Nations, and the Gitsi’is Tribe. Our multi day trips

 into this amazing wonderland start and end at Prince Rupert B.C.

Late May through July is the best time to view grizzlies in the wild.

If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible as these trips are very limited. May and June are the peak times to see these amazing creatures and their cubs come down to the coastal estuaries to feed on the protein rich sedge grasses after their winter hibernation.    

We leave our slip in Roche Harbor Washington State, in early May to

arrive at the "Khutz" at peak viewing time. It takes about 3 weeks to

make our way up the BC coast and then on to the sanctuary.

If you are interested in taking part in this epic trip culminating in a

very high probability of seeing grizzly bears and their cubs in their

natural habitat. Contact us now. This will be a 3 week trip of a