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Holoholo  is the name of our boat... Becky was raised and spent most of her formative years on the island of Hawaii in a small town at the center of the largest cattle ranch in the USA...."Parker Ranch". Yes friends, the largest ranch in USA is on the Island of Hawaii. Holoholo is a Hawaiian word which means to be off work and going with friends on a trip with no particular time frame or destination in mind. The main focus of  going "holoholo" is to enjoy each others company and  have fun. When a few friends are getting off after a long day of work, they will often say

....."Lets go holoholo"...



We hope all our guests can live and experience the true

          meaning of the spirit of this word while on board with us - 

















Our Boat

Holoholo is a 53 ft. POC, denoting Performance Offshore Cruiser. It was designed by the famous naval architect Aurther DeFever. It was built in 1986 and has many redundant systems for safety and comfort including twin Caterpillar engines, and 2 Onan diesel generators for the production of 120 volt electricity just like in your home, there will be no problems charging all you devices or watching a movie that you brought with you. You can also play your own music if you wish on our Bluetooth speakers. There are 3 private staterooms each with its own bathroom and shower.

Holoholo cruises at 9 knts. about (10 mph). There are several types of cabin heating and cooling systems designed for comfort any time of year. We of course have a full galley with all the necessary equipment for producing delicious meals, this includes a large cast iron Dickson diesel fueled stove. There is a good reason why virtually every commercial "working" boat on the BC coast has one of these stoves.... they produce lots of dry heat to keep the boat warm and comfortable, and cook delicious food. We are confident you'll appreciate it as well. We always have a full well stocked bar with ice maker. Each of the bedrooms has a closet and plenty of windows for ventilation as well as their own private toilet and shower.


Main bridge steering station