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Rates are based per night and on a four person occupancy

There is some variation on rates based on start and end location. But when planning a custom charter figure on $650/person /night with each additional person being charged $300/ night up to a maximum of 6 people for overnight charters plus applicable sales tax

in US Dollars.  We offer significant discounts for trips longer than 5 nights.

Please plan early to avoid disappointment. Most of our out of country guest have

their charters booked by the end of January. 





4 night 5 day Grizzly Bear Viewing Trip:  (Mid Aug. to early Oct.)

$685/person/night $US All of our grizzly tours start and end in Gorge Harbor Marina on Cortes Island. 4 guest minimum. $375/extra person/night up to 6 people max./ trip. Includes 2 days, (3 hr/day) Grizzly bear viewing with our Klahoose First Nation Guides.  


Base rate: $2,600 (+ applicable tax ) 

Extra guests over 6:  are billed at $250/ person to a max of 12  total guests.

These day charters generally start and end in Roche Harbor and last about 6 hours. This charter includes coffee, tea, snacks and lunch, as well as cheese and snack platters. If you wish we can arrange for a custom gourmet chef prepared meal at cost.  

  •  ALL trips are considered "Booked and Confirmed" at the time your deposit is     paid.

  •  "Deposit" is 1/2 the total cost of your groups trip. (not including tax).

  •  "Final Payment" must be made 60 days prior to your departure date, or     upon booking your trip, whichever is less.   




Specialized Tour add on:

If you have requested to have a charter that includes a First Nations cultural or tour experience, or involves hiring a First Nations guide, there is a one time extra cost per person for this. I negotiate yearly with vendors and have preexisting partnerships with various First Nations groups. Check with us more details on these offerings. If our guests wish to dine out ashore or have a spa treatment at a specialized lodge, or perhaps hire a local professional fishing guide, that is all easy to arrange but would be considered an "Add On". 

Trip Insurance:

A trip of this type is a major investment of time and money and for many customers is a once in a lifetime experience. Some customers may travel from other countries and spend considerable resources just to get to a "Pick Up Point". So for all these reasons we recommend some type of trip insurance. Please do your own research on this but a start point could be www.Tripinsurance.com  


Becky and I do not expect any "Tips". We are the owner / operators. Your good company and enjoyment is our reward. If you wish to buy us a drink at a marina or lodge we will not turn you down. If there is a "Naturalist" or other outside guide on your specific trip then in that case tipping is suggested but always at your discretion. We always appreciate positive reviews via social media such as Trip Advisor. Best of all is to see previous customers and friends on a repeat trip.  


Refund Policy:

  • If you should have to cancel your trip with 60 days or less notice there is no refund. Your deposit retains full value on another trip, IF AVAILABLE given constraints of availability calendar in the same calendar year. (Please refer to "Trip Insurance" section).    

  • If one or more members of a multi person group has to cancel the same policy as stated above will apply.

  • If you should have to cancel your trip with more than 60 days advance notice in writing we will offer a 80% refund of your deposit.

  • If you should have to cancel your trip with more than 90 days advance notice in writing we will offer a 90% refund of your deposit. 

  • In the unlikely event that Custom Coastal Charters should have to cancel a trip then a 100% refund will be immediately offered.