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The San Juans and Canadian "Gulf Islands


B.C's Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Nurtured by a unique Mediterranean climate, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve supports a stunning diversity of rare bird, plant, and marine life spread across 15 islands and innumerable islets and reefs in the northern reaches of the inland Salish Sea. It is an ocean park with multiple islands and there’s no gate or interpretive center at this national park reserve: Much of the nearly 9,000-acre park is spread over 270 square miles of sheltered ocean separating mainland Vancouver from the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, and some of it is under water. Much of the park is located on the bigger southern Gulf Islands, including Saturna, North and South Pender, and Mayne. We are happy to be your hosts and guides and for your exploration of this unique and beautiful area.

Our trips to these areas start and end in Roche Harbor. Within 1 - 2 hrs. we can easily be in Canadian waters. Or we can spend the entire time in Washington state were there are enough sites to see to easily take up a 7 day trip. The opportunities are diverse and vary from quiet coves with few other boats to popular destinations such as Friday Harbor, Lopez and Orcas Island, as well as numerous marine parks.